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  • Alabama Town Set

    Location ID: 719578
    • Alabama Town Backlot

      This beautifully designed small town standing set was built in 2016 by Mainstreet Entertainment for our own action blockbuster “The Hurricane Heist”. It recreates a typical town in Colbert County, Alabama (with the fictional screen name of Newport, Alabama), but it can easily be converted into different settings that resemble other parts of the continental US, which we did for the shooting of our latest feature – “We Die Young” (to be released Sept. 2018), where the set was redressed to show the MS-13 gang-controlled Washington DC hoods.

      Three intersecting streets with asphalt pavement, lined with buildings on both sides of the road, a spacious square with a large roundabout that encircles a beautifully crafted war monument, all make for an impressively realistic permanent set. The buildings include multiple residential buildings and shops, a public library, city hall, a church and a stand-alone auto repair shop that holds a practical interior on two internal levels.