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    • Mainstreet Entertainment offers a total of 20 diverse and versatile sound stages, that can accommodate practically any type of feature film or TV project. Ranging from 290 m2 (3,100 sq ft) to nearly 1800 m2 (19,000 sq ft), including one underwater stage and another water tank, all stages are located in filming studios in or near Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria, all within a 30 minute drive from the airport. We work in close partnership with the production complexes, to provide our clients the most competitive rates for renting sound stages, backlot sets and production offices.

      Some of the features of the sound stages include:

      • Heating
      • Air Conditioning – silent ventilation and full climate control
      • Soundproofing
      • Red lamps and sound to signal filming
      • Built-in lighting
      • Elephant doors for set delivery
      • Independent power supply with UPS
      • Fire protection systems
      • Remote control smoke extraction
      • Extra height allowing for multi-level set construction and shooting
      • Blue, green and black screens available

      Our highly experienced executive team will work closely with you, to make sure you enjoy a seamless production process from start to finish. Contact us for more info, stages specifications and pricing!

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