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    • New York Backlot Set

      The New York Backlot Set recreates the authentic and rich atmosphere of the typical streets of the city that never sleeps. From the iconic Soho quarter in Manhattan to Chinatown, from Brooklyn to Little Italy – this truly astonishing backlot standing set is a great location for feature films, commercials and music videos that will look and feel as genuine as the real thing, without having to bother with city permits, cordoning off traffic and other red tape, not to mention the hefty fees you will spare. Many of the realistically recreated buildings, as well as the upper-story facades and some of their interiors, can be transformed easily into shops, galleries, pubs, restaurants, cafés, apartments and whatnot, to suit your production needs.  This impressive studio backlot standing set is situated just 10 miles away from Sofia International Airport, and within a mere 20-minute-drive from the capital city center, and is in immediate proximity to almost everything else you would need for your production, such as production office spaces, camera, grip, lighting and other equipment rental shops, other backlot sets and soundstages, etc.

      Additional info:

      • Several practical interior sets

      • All buildings are at least 193 ft. high

      • Some of the buildings offer 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor visual shooting

      • Facades with window-dressing and interiors on ground level

      • Fully operational traffic lights

      • Subway entrances

      • Realistic reverse angles

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