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    • London Backlot Set

      The London permanent set gives you a remarkably genuine look and feel of the fancy and lavish Mayfair area in west London, along with parts of East London, Shepherds market and an impressive 1:1 replica of the St. Paul Cathedral (12 m. high), together with the square before it and the statue of Queen Anne. The buildings on the London streets in this backlot standing set are around 8-9 meters high (up to 30 ft.), and several practical interiors can accommodate almost any needed setup. Two pubs, luxury stores, art gallery, multiple office entrances, operational traffic lights and subway entrances are just some of the features of this set that have made hit titles such as “London Has Fallen”, “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”, “Survivor”, to name a few, choose this realistic location for their filming set.

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