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  • Loft Apartment Set 2

    Location ID: 359703
  • Modern Loft Apartment Film Set

    This Loft Apartment film set is situated on a studio backlot, in a solid building that stands as a Hospital practical set that was built by one of our group of companies – Dream Team Films, for the widely popular (and the very first in the history of Bulgarian television) primetime medical TV drama series “Stolen Life”. This apartment set is one of total of two adjacent loft apartments built under the attic space of the Hospital set building and is fully furnished and dressed to play a home residence of a modern and successful couple. The apartment has a functional kitchenette, a dining area, a living area and a small study, all in one roomy open-space, and a separate bedroom. The style is modern and minimalistic, but the set can easily be redressed and adjusted to suit your production needs.