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  • Hospital Practical Set

    Location ID: 580399
    • Hospital Backlot Set

      The Hospital filming set is situated on a studio backlot, and is a permanent, solid building. This remarkable practical set was built and dressed by one of our group of companies – Dream Team Films, which is managed by the same partnering producers who founded Mainstreet Entertainment. The set was created for the widely popular (and the very first in the history of Bulgarian television) primetime medical TV drama series “Stolen Life”. The iconic hospital set is furnished and dressed with real medical equipment and accessories, which brings the most believable and genuine on screen look and feel. The set has played a hospital location for 5 seasons (more than 240 episodes) of the TV drama series, thus far, and season 6 is currently in production, but several other productions have found its shooting ground on it – different TV commercials, and a few international feature films. All rooms can be redressed and adjusted to your specific needs.

      The set features:

      • Practical, solid construction building
      • Full exterior with one main entrance, emergency entrance and back alleys
      • Front parking lot and a side parking space for ambulances
      • A reception area with front desk and waiting room
      • Fully equipped OR (operating room)
      • Fully equipped ICU (Intensive Care Unit) with 5 beds
      • Fully equipped ER room (shock room)
      • ER entrance for ambulances (faux interior entrance)
      • Several fully equipped doctor’s offices (examination rooms), including a pediatrician’s office and a nurses’ room
      • Several fully furnished and equipped hospital rooms for patients
      • Several corridors, 2 stairways and an elevator (stationary, with manually operated doors)
      • Several administrative offices, including 1 executive office and a conference room
      • 2 Production offices, 2 hair and makeup dressing rooms (with 2 stations each), props storage room, and a wardrobe dressing room
      • A small cafeteria
      • 3 separate lavatories with locker rooms
      • 2 fully furnished loft (attic) apartment sets on the 3rd floor (see apartment 1 and apartment 2)


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