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  • Ancient Rome Set

    Location ID: 982705
  • Roman Backlot Standing Set

    The permanent set of Ancient Rome in Bulgaria is one of the largest Roman backlot sets in the world. It stretches onto a massive 150,000 sq ft. and recreates realistic classic civil and religious buildings, from the Roman Forum square, majestic temples and villas of the nobility to the narrow back-streets and alleys, this monumental standing set features a striking mix of colors and filming backlot locations for your next epic feature or historic reenactment. Within just a 20-minute-drive from the city center, Rome was built on the backlot of a 21st century filming studio… and everything is so realistic.

    The Roman Set Features:

    • Roman backstreets and alleys
    • Huge city square
    • Open-air Thermae with fountains
    • 2 Coliseums, one of which can pack up to 5000 extras
    • Temples, Villas and Roman Baths
    • Several practical interiors
    • Training quarters
    • Market street
    • Roman village